Full vision, absolute control.

The AI platform for your factory

Automate your factory's quality control.

Rely instantly detects defects and analyzes your production comprehensively.

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Compatible with your cameras


No code, up and running in hours


Simple, accessible to everyone


No claims, happy customers

Multiple industries consider us essential

AI-powered Vision

Automatize your quality control now. Boost your profitability.

Rely receives instant images from your production cameras and uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze if the product has any type of defect.

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Factory friendly

Connected to your factory to take action

Rely integrates existing cameras or adds new ones and gives orders to your PLCs to accept or reject each product based on its defects and quality level.

History and tips

Track your entire production and receive valuable analysis.

Search your production in our history, as easy as doing it on Google. Locate each item with its photograph and serial number to review its quality and face audits.

Rely is always one step ahead; it detects defect patterns across all your lines to identify the origin of the failure long before it occurs.

Setup in a few clicks

Very easy to use.
Even easier to implement

Works in production in a matter of hours, without acquiring new hardware or programming in code. To configure it, you only need several images of your products, to point out the details it should focus on, and indicate whether a defect should be recovered or discarded. Everything ready to automate your quality!


inspected items


defective products prevented from reaching customers


year to achieve return on investment / ROI

Schedule a demo of Rely and discover how we can improve your QA.

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AI, always learning

Rely is continuously learning through images. It collects new images or lets Rely do it, and automatically it will know how to identify new defects.

Connected knowledge

Rely instantly applies all learned knowledge so as not to miss a single detail of production.

Anticipate problems

Rely reports defect patterns long before you notice to fix the origin of the failure before it becomes serious.

quality control software
quality control with artificial intelligence

Custom quality

Rely adapts to you and your customers' requirements; decide the quality level, which defects are acceptable, which can be fixed, and which to discard depending on what or for whom you produce.

Protection against disputes

Thanks to its history, you can filter products by reference or defect, and verify their quality control, providing you with reliable evidence in the event of possible disputes with customers.

quality control

Factory friendly

It can connect with hundreds of cameras, alarms, PLCs, SCADAs... so that everything runs smoothly autonomously. You don't need to buy any additional hardware.

camera-based quality control

98% integration success rate

Unlike our competition, Rely succeeds with all customers thanks to having been born in the factory and knowing all the processes perfectly.


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Solutions for all industries

For all types of projects in the industry

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Boost your profitability.

Automate your quality control now.

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Rely integrates with most PLCs, SCADAs, MES, APIs, ... In addition, it can also communicate with any type of camera with a genicam protocol and IP cameras.

Rely can be deployed both locally (in-house) and in the cloud, according to the specific requirements of the client.

No need, Rely has an easy-to-use application and also has the support of Rely staff for any questions.

The speed of detection and analysis is very high. Rely is currently operating in projects with a cycle time of 0.4s. For requirements of lower cycle times, the communication speed with PLCs or SCADAs influences more than the detection and analysis speed of Rely.

The images used to train Rely only leave the plant to our server for training. Of course, they are protected and at Rely we understand that they are part of the client's material and know-how. Therefore, these images and the trained AI model will not be used for any other application outside the project. The images that Rely captures in production are stored locally on hard drives or customer-owned servers and it is the customer who manages these data.

Yes, the AI model can be trained to face these variations in the environment as long as the feature sought to be detected remains visible.